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How To Attract Thousands of New Donations To Your Nonprofit With Ten10 + $10,000 From Google

Nonprofit leaders who want more donors and donations can’t afford to miss this MasterClass.

This MasterClass Will Show You How To:

Get off the fundraising hamster wheel

Does it feel like there are never enough dollars or way too much time spent raising money instead of fulfilling your mission?

Break the cycle of being on the fundraising hamster wheel by tapping into a reliable stream of donors and donations that occur with very little effort on your part.

Use $10,000 from Google to grow your support base

Ten10’s technology, combined with $10k (per month) from Google will create a landslide of new supporters and fundraising that will happen on auto-pilot.

Not the one and done model. Truly sustainable fundraising that supports you month after month, year after year.

10x your fundraising efforts in a few simple steps

We love nonprofits.  We know that you are the bedrock and the cornerstones to our communities.  We also understand you don’t have time or resources so we make things simple and we do it for free.

Our mission is to be your favorite fundraising partner.  Let us show you how.

About Your Host:

Business builder, local marketing expert, philanthropist and fintech innovator that loves solving problems. Currently the founder and CEO of Ten10, Rick has been amongst the Red Herring Top 100, Inc. 500 List twice, GEW50’s top 50 startups in the world, and was twice ranked in the 25 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, along with being in the original 30 Under 30 with the founders of Netscape (first browser) and Yahoo!.

Now it is Rick’s mission and his legacy project to support nonprofits with fundraising.

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Increase Donors & Donations with $10k from Google

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Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

This MasterClass is completely free for nonprofits. 

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Because who doesn’t want help growing your donor base and donations.  Plus, an extra $10k per month towards that goal can’t hurt.  Right?

Join over 150 other nonprofit leaders in getting off the fundraising hamster wheel and creating thousands of new donors and donations to help you achieve your mission and goals in your community.

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