Supporting Your Favorite NonProfit Has Never Been So Easy!

You care about a cause. You want to support an organization and their work. But, you don't have extra money in your budget to give. Ten10 can help.​


Ten10 is similar to the Amazon Smile program except it is an app that generates funds for your favorite nonprofit every time you use the app to make a local purchase.

1. Sign up for the FREE Ten10 app. It gives you cash back at local business. (10X more cash back than any other app or credit card, in fact.)

2. Select the organization you’d like to support by entering your favorite nonprofit’s referral code on this page. (We will let you support other people or causes you care about after we launch the app.)

3. The organization you choose to support receive a portion of your purchase amount every time you make a purchase with Ten10. Every time. (It comes from the money that Ten10 receives from local businesses.)

Unlike Amazon Smile or the program at your the chain grocery store, Ten10 is focused on helping local businesses. We work with restaurants, salons, independent book stores, and more because we know that spending local sustains communities.

Like other apps, Ten10 collects marketing fees from participating businesses. But, unlike other apps, Ten10 gives 60% of all fees collected back to our members, affiliates, and nonprofits. That means that the organization you select gets meaningful contributions from their supporters without having to reach minimums or suffer through a waiting period.

What's The Cost?

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.**

This program is completely free forever for both you and the nonprofit you support.

**Businesses pay a small fee when customers make a purchase with Ten10. No up-front fees required.

Why Ten10?

Ten10 needs nonprofits, consumers, and local businesses signed up before we can activate the app in your community. So, we are asking people to sign up early and refer others in your community to join as well.

More nonprofits and consumers means more businesses will sign up. More businesses means more cashback offers. And, more purchases means more cashback and more funds for your favorite nonprofit.

What could be better than that?

Ice cream! Maybe, ice cream.

Join us! Sign up today!


(and support the causes you care about with every purchase)