We build it for you. We want businesses and nonprofits that partner with Ten10 to have a beautiful website. It is our gift to you.

* domain name and hosting not included

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What Type of Website?

We can adapt any of these templates for your website by changing pictures, colors, and words. That said, sometimes it is easier to visualize by seeing something that is close. 




Ten10 Brings You More Customers With No Upfront Costs

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step 1:

Choose your website TEMplate

Review the examples listed in the section above and choose the template that you like best.  We are able to edit everything you see, so it only has to be close.  We will make it perfect for you.

Once you have selected your template, fill out the form at the top of this page and enter the number for your template choice.

Caleb Ranes, Restaurant Owner

"My natural tendency is to question free offers, but we already pay for our domain name and the hosting they recommended saved me over $100 a year.

They took care of everything. To say that I love my website upgrade would be an understatement.

I highly recommend you go through the process!"

step 2:

confirm any special requests

You will be assigned a project manager that will reach out to you to confirm all the details of what you want.

Things like colors, copy, logos, photos, fonts, and any other details that will make your site exactly what you want will be discussed and arranged. Or, we can use the photos from your current site to make the process super simple for you. 

Our goal is to make you feel like you paid us a million dollars and we will do everything within our power to make sure this is an epic experience for you.

Kathy Corbin, Executive Director

"I am so impressed and grateful. I felt like Michael and Rick gave me gold glove service even though the site was free.

If your site is a bit out of date, I highly recommend you take advantage of this free offer from Ten10. "

no cost to you - we've got you covered

Nonprofit Templates

Choose one of these, or let us know about a site you love and we will see if we can build it for you.
Remember that we will be changing the pictures, colors, fonts, and text to fit your unique mission and brand.

Hope Template

This is the Hope Template or #1A.  

It features ability to have clear messaging around fundraising and calendar events. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Donatics Template

This is the Donatics Template or #1B.  

It features ability to have clear messaging around fundraising and calendar events. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Groppe Template

This is the Groppe Template or #1C.  

The unique thing about this template is that it includes a “shop” for you to sell items you list for sale.  See the live preview for examples.

Blessing Template

This is the Blessing Template or #2A.  

This theme is really flexible.  It could be used for any type of non-profit but the imagery and words that are in the demo site lend themselves to religion.

Go Green Template

This is the Go Green Template or #2B.  

There are numerous options in this preview that might appeal to non-profits that are focused on our planet and the environment.

Whiskers Template

This is the Whiskers Template or #2C.  

As the name implies this template is currently configured to focus on animal adoption.  Of course kitty pics can be added or swapped out.  Say the word.

most people think there is a catch

Is It Really Free?

The simple answer is… YES!  You only pay for your domain name (which you might already have) and you pay for hosting your website (at the low price of $48 a year).  We pay for your theme, build your website for you, and you can choose from a library of photos, videos, and more (that we also pay for). All the templates shown are included. No other strings attached.

Why are we doing this?

Ten10 will be launching a revolutionary new app this year and we think that nonprofits and local businesses are going to love it.  Building you a wonderful website that you love is our way of reaching out ahead of time so that we have a warm market to introduce Ten10 to.

Nonprofits will be able to use Ten10 as an epic fundraising tool that creates new funds every time a purchase is made with Ten10 at a local business.  The more people that use the app, the more funds that are raised for your nonprofit.

Ten10 benefits businesses by bringing customers to your establishment.  Through our patent-pending technology, we are able to turn all your customers into referral machines.  Delivering your more sales and more profits… without paying a dime up front.

Businesses only pay for performance.  Every time a consumer pays with Ten10 we will charge a marketing fee,  Just like Amazon’s affiliate marketing program where they pay a commission to an affiliate when they refer a customer that makes a purchase.

If a business refers their own customer to Ten10, there is no marketing fee (ever) for that customer. Just pay a small bank processing fee.  This will save you money on credit card processing… and give you an awesome, free way to market to your customers.

It pays to partner with Ten10.  Free website upgrade.  Free fundraising. And marketing that produces a guaranteed 10x return on ad spend… with no risk, and no upfront costs.

At the end of the day, we hope you will love Ten10, but we will build you an upgraded website for free even if you decide not to join us.  It will be completely up to you. But, we hope you will join us when the app launches later this year.  That’s it.  Now let’s get your website upgraded!

no cost to you - we've got you covered

Business Templates

Choose one of these, or let us know about a site you love and we will see if we can build it for you.
Remember that we will be changing the pictures, colors, fonts, and text to fit your unique mission and brand.


The Restaurant Template or #3A.  

This is one of many options available for restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. This template is clean and progressive, or choose from 90 other templates available to you below.

Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness Template or #3B.  

This template will work for any type of health and fitness oriented business even if the current photos and words only talk about yoga. Or, choose from over 75 other options via button below.

Salon and Spas

This is the Salon Template or #3C.  

This template gives you many options no matter what type of salon or spa you run.  We’ve got you covered in this beautiful theme. Click the button below to see more than 20 other options.

Professional Services

This is the Professional Services Template or #4A.  

This is a flexible theme that can be used for consultants and other professional service providers. Not to fear, if this isn’t the perfect match for you, there are over 80 options via the button below.

Other Services

This is the Services Template or #4C.  

There are so many other types of local service based businesses and we strive to give you as many options as possible.  If this layout  doesn’t work, choose from over 300 options below.

seriously, what are you waiting for?

We Are Here To Serve

Don’t delay another minute.  You will want to get your website on our schedule as every website is built by hand with care, so we need to get you on our schedule asap.

If you have questions, or are wondering if we can build the type of site you want, get started by filling out the form and registering your interest.  One of our project managers will be in touch to discuss your website and answer any questions you may have.  Get started today!

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