How can ten10 help your Nonprofit?


No development department? No problem!

With Ten10, your supporters can contribute effortlessly.
It's like Amazon Smile as you wish it were - local and effective. Focus on your work, not your fundraising.

How it Works:

Your Supporters sign up for a free app that gives them cash back on purchases at local businesses.

Your organization receives a portion of their purchase amount every time they make a local purchase with Ten10. Every time. Month after month. Forever.

Wins for all! Local businesses get more customers and sales. Your supporters get cash back on things they are already buying. And you get a boost to your budget.

How it's Different:

Like other apps, Ten10 collects marketing fees from participating businesses. But, unlike other apps, Ten10 gives 60% of all fees collected back to our members, affiliates, and nonprofits. Everybody wins!

Like other apps, Ten10 gives you a percentage of the purchases your Supporters make. But, unlike other apps, Ten10 gives you that percentage almost instantly!

What's the Cost?

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.**

This program is completely free forever for nonprofits. It's also completely free forever for consumers (a.k.a. your Supporters).

**Businesses pay a small fee when customers make a purchase with Ten10. No up front fees required.

Why register today?

In order to make a meaningful impact, the first 20 nonprofits in your local area will be getting extra special fundraising assistance from the team at Ten10 to ensure your success.

Don't delay, get signed up today!



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