Where else can you make money and feel good about helping your local community?

Affiliate Marketers:
Get Early Access To A
$6.3 Trillion Market

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Market once. Get paid, over and over. Simple.

With Ten10, you only need to refer a customer to download our app, we do the rest. Every time that customer makes a local purchase at one of our high quality local businesses (food and drink, health and fitness, entertainment, retail, services, etc.) you get paid.

And, if someone you referred to download Ten10 refers one of their friends, a business, or a nonprofit… you keep getting paid. Over and over again. Up to ten levels of referrals!


Ten10 is similar to affiliate marketing, but we fixed what was wrong and made it better for you.

Sign up for the FREE Ten10 app

It gives you cash back at local business. Or, just sign up on this page as an affiliate if you prefer.

Get Your Unique Referral Link

Within a minute or two you will get an email with your unique referral link. During our pre-launch you can use that link to invite others to sign up early (right here, just like you are doing).

Make Money

Collect your monthly Bonus Cash (affiliate commissions). That’s it. No need to market over and over. Get users to download the app. We do the rest for you. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

*After launch you can send a text or email with a link that will take people directly to Apple or Google to download the app and we will still track every referral you make to make sure you get credit for the referral and get paid on every purchase they make.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.**

This program is completely free forever for our affiliates, consumers, and nonprofits.

**Businesses pay a small fee when customers make a purchase with Ten10. No up-front fees required.


GET EARLY ACCESS TO TEN10 (and support the causes you care about with every purchase)

Why register today?​

Ten10 needs nonprofits, consumers, and local businesses signed up before we can activate the app in your community. So, we are asking people to sign up early and refer others in your community to join as well.

More nonprofits and consumers means more businesses will sign up. More businesses means more cashback offers. And, more purchases means more cashback and more funds for your favorite nonprofit.

What could be better than that?

Ice cream! Maybe, ice cream.

Join us! Sign up today!