We Help Communities Prosper Together

(students, families, schools, nonprofits, and local businesses, can access billions and all win together)

Your FamilY

gets more $$

every month

Families are joining forces to support the community so all prosper together. Ten10 helps you do well by doing good. Let's do well together.

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> Cash back savings for your family

> On things you already purchase

> Every purchase you make supports people and causes you care about

> Get "Bonus Cashback" every time your friends make a purchase

> Stack "Bonus Cashback" when their friends make a purchase (up to 10x)


schools &


get Support

Ten10 has been called the best fundraising tool ever! Let us help you raise the money you need to reach your goals and increase capacity.

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Everyone wins

> Your supporters get cashback and you keep their money in the local community - instead of sending your supporters and their money to Seattle

> Businesses that support you now get your support with more sales

> Plus, every purchase raises money for your nonprofit so you can support the families and community you love



grow sales

& Profits

Attract more customers and grow your sales while giving back to your local community. Cause based marketing increases sales and builds your brand.

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> No upfront costs

> No monthly costs

>Could be the best marketing and adverting strategy you've ever tried

>Guaranteed results or its free

*currently only available to quality businesses in the US


Get Paid For Referring Customers, Over & Over Again!